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Bobbili Kingdom was established in the 17th Century by Pedda Rayudu.It was later defeated by Vizianagaram King with the help of the French. The most popular king was Thandra Paparayudu who was also ref. as 'Bobbili Puli' meaning The Tiger of Bobbili, however the name Bobbili originally was 'Pedda Puli' in Telugu, the local language as 'the great Tiger' (ref to History of Bobbili) which over the period of time became Bobbili.

can take its rightful place in the Indian History.(Particularly the Old Statue outside the entrence to the Fort). There is a new Statue of Sardar Thandra Paparayudu in the town centre established in 1989 in all its glory.

Bobbili is a bustling market town and has The Palace, The College, The Guest House just outside the town and a thriving Handicrafts co-operative making the miniatures of the South Indian Musical instruments. Hope you enjoy the pictures of life around Bobbili.
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